1. How to overthrow the Illuminati →

  2. Reza Negarestani’s talk at Symposium: Speculations on Anonymous Materials.

  3. noiseidentities:

    Wonderful BBC-documentary from 1979 on the history of recorded sound. Full of vintage sounds that really were “The New Sound Of Music” back then.

  4. Kittler on the NSA →

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  6. (Source: jacquesmove)

  7. This is not a description.

  8. critical-theory:

    Zizek on Leninist Hugging.

  9. Deleuze was—I lost my best friend last month, because Deleuze was my best friend. I admired him. I loved him. When we were young we were very separate. Together we invented the term amis de vieillesse. You know the expression amis de jeunesse? We were not amis de jeunesse. We became amis de vieillesse. And why? Because we are a little bit brothers. I think that Deleuze is a geographer, and I am too a geographer. We are not historians. I think for instance that Deleuze’s philosophy is full of fluxes. And what fluxes? Prepositions in my case! I have a chapter in my book about prepositions. Prepositions are the algebra of fluxes. I don’t think he committed suicide. It was impossible to breathe—he opened the window and…

    — Michel Serres, in a 1995 interview with Hari Kunzru (via manymanywolves)